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When it comes to making money online there are hundreds of methods already online. However, it would take hours to look them all up and do the proper research. That's Where Independent Income Comes to help. We Offer Full In-Depth Guides based around Making Money Online and Generating a Passive Income Online. We Offer free tips, and tricks, training courses and business strategies to approach your passive income We Also Offer personal Help via our email contact to those interested.

Independent Income is a website as well as a group of entrepreneurs teaching individuals learn to make a passive income online, whether it be to make extra money online, or make a full-time living online. Both are extremely possible, we're here to show you how and why. We want to help people become successful and begin to make an independent income online.

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We're a Team of Entrepreneurs Helping Other Veteran and Aspiring Entrepreneurs Make a Passive Income Online. We Provide both free and paid training courses, both from us and some of the top Entrepreneurs and Marketer's in the world. We Provide a Very Wide Range of:

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Why try to make money online? Well...why not? Wouldn't you love to quit your 9-5 job and start making a passive income online? The potential in a lot of online business models heavily outweigh the potential within a basic 9-5. However, Making Money Online isn't going to be as easy as pressing one button. You will need to learn, gain the correct knowledge revolving around your passive income idea, and then work towards your goals and mile-stones. But don't worry! The Internet has more than enough information to help you thrive. That's Where We Come In! We have All the possible information you will need plus more. We offer everything from methods to make money online, serious business models to generate a passive income online, SEO tips and tricks, We Also Offer Premium services such as SEO Services at a discount price, Full IN-Depth Training Courses

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing (Learn To Get Paid For Selling Other Peoples Products)

Hopefully The Pictures Below Give You an Idea of The Concept.

Essentially Affiliate Marketing is partnering with an affiliate program and selling their products for a % of commission.

Affiliate Marketing is actually really popular in 2020.

However, the same rule that applies to every passive income method applies to this as well.

If you don't do the proper research and decide how to approach the situation, you won’t get anywhere.

If you do the opposite? There's a good chance you'll see some sales.

How Does It Work?

~Pick an affiliate Program

~Pick a Product To Promote & Sell

~Promote the product of your choice

~Make a Sale

~Get a % of the Commission


Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks

(Some Pay more, Some Pay Less, These aren't in any specific order as they are all very reputable and great affiliate programs with their own perks)

  • Clickbank

Clickbank is probably the biggest affiliate marketing Networks, as well as the biggest in terms of numbers. Clickbank has been around since 1998 and is based in Boise, Idaho. It is one of Idahos largest privately held technology companies. Clickbank has over 50,000 individual products to promote split between almost every category imaginable. Its affiliate program is available in over 200 countries! It is definitely one of the best affiliate program overall.


  • Clickbank Has The Highest Commission rates, Ranging from 25% - 75% of the sale! (this could be anywhere from $50 - $500 Per sale!)

  • Good opportunity to make A LOT of money

  • Mainly all Digital products, however they do have some physical products

  • They provide you with tons of marketing material. No Need to design websites or banners to promote. Yes, you still need to promote the product to get a sale. However, Most Products Offer you already built materials to promote their products!

  • Clickbank pays out commissions every two weeks

  • They have a VERY Large list of categories and individual products to sell (over 50,000 individual products to promote) See Image Below

  • JVZoo

JVZoo is a highly reputable affiliate network much like clickbank, it's been around since 2011. JVZoo is clickbanks main competitor as they are much alike. (They're competitors with the biggest affiliate market network for a reason)


  • Its mainly focused on digital products and services, perfect for digital marketers

  • they have a good amount of categories and individual products to promote

  • much like clickbank they have a high Commission rate

  • Clickbanks main competitor (for a reason)

  • JVZoo has a decent commission rate, better than Amazon and ShareaSale


ShareaSale Has been around for more than 20 years, Like the other affiliate networks on this list it is an extremely reputable one. However, rather than promoting and selling digital services and goods, ShareaSale is ENTIRELY focused on physical products from very major brands and companies such as: official NBA, MLB, Reebok. Commission Rate goes from 5% - 20%


  • Very Reputable Company,

  • Free and Easy Sign Up

  • Incredible Variety Of Merchants and Vendors

  • Easy To Use on Multiple Websites

  • Reliable Monthly Payments

  • Responsive Customer Support

  • All products are physical and owned by very well known companies so it'll be relatively easy to make sales despite the lower commission %

Amazon Affiliate Program

Everyone and their grandma knows about Amazon, but did you know they have an Affiliate Program? Although they only pay 2-10% commission its still a very solid affiliate program and you could get paid for products people are already looking for


  • Easier to get sales due to Amazon being known world wide

  • Most reputable out of all affiliates next to clickbank

  • Unlike clickbank and JVZoo Amazon has a very wide range of both physical and digital products

  • They have UNLIMITED Niches

  • Anything that's on Amazon, you can promote

  • You can easily implement Amazons Affiliate Program into your website (see below)

  • They pay anywhere from 2-10% commission on all products (see category commissions below)

(Example Of How You Could Use Amazons Affiliate Program)

How To Make Extra Money With Fiverr

So you want to make Extra Money Online with Fiverr huh? Fiverr is a great way to make extra money online if you have any skills such as:

  • Graphic Design

  • SEO Skills (such as off and on page Search engine optimization)

  • Posting Classified Ads (It's that easy, as long as you seriously make an effort to put as much quality into your work as possible)

  • Voice-overs

  • Making Testimonials

Don't have any skills? Don't worry! We have a way for you to still make money with fiverr!

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